Moving Meridian Forward

The Meridian Downtown Business Association is just one of numerous groups that work hard to ensure that the city functions. Even more than that, however, is making sure that the city powers forward and continues to flourish. MDBA promotes the economic and cultural vitality of downtown, and the following organizations have similar passions, but function with different missions. Underneath all the hustle and bustle of Meridian are organizations that make purposeful decisions to help map out both the physical features of the city, as well as its future. These are just a few great organizations that make sure our city is a great place to be.


Meridian Development Corporation (MDC)

The Meridian Development Corporation focuses on the city's urban renewal, and leverages the city's existing characteristics and infrastructure to help it move toward. Their vision is to protect and promote "Livability, Mobility, Prosperity and Sustainability in Meridian’s downtown." They have their hands in a number of projects, including the Old Town Lofts development, but are envisioning sveral others. One of these is the Northern Gateway District, which is to the north of Fairview and Cherry, and will allow for taller buildings and retail, as well as streetscape improvements. There are also planning for neighborhood preservation, additional parking, as well as defining more areas such as the downtown city core and the Washington & Main district.  Learn more about the Meridian Development Corporation and what projects they're working on.


Meridian Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber offers ways to become involved in the community, through networking opportunities, business advocacies, and more. Because they cover the entire city of Meridian, which is now the second largest city in the state, they support over 600 businesses. The CEO, Sean Evans, has lead the organization for about a year now, and is focused on bringing in new members as well as creating strong partnerships and more educational opportunities. Of course, after the hit retail businesses took this year from so many shoppers buying online, the chamber is committed to boosting sales as much as they can. Learn more about the Meridian Chamber of Commerce or how you can get involved.


City Community Development Department

The Community Development Department is its own arm of the city, and focuses on community and economic development, as well as planning, building, land, and grants. When you think about the growth of Meridian, the development department is at the heart of it. They work closely with other organizations but help to operate strategic planning and zoning, as well as figure out ways to attract new or bigger businesses. They have committees and regular meetings as ways to include residents and to keep their finger on the pulse of the community. Learn more about the City Community Development Department and what they're working on to improve the city.