Annual Holiday Ornament Drop

The Meridian Arts Commission is putting a festive twist on its popular annual Meridian Art Drop by hosting the Meridian Ornament Drop. Residents of all ages and artistic abilities are encouraged to make handmade Christmas ornaments to “drop” in downtown Meridian on Saturday, Dec. 10 for others to find and keep as a gift.

Ornaments can be hung from trees, propped on window sills, or placed in any number of creative locations for someone else to find. Those lucky enough to find an ornament (only keep one per person, please) are encouraged to post a photo of it on social media using the hashtag #meridianornamentdrop

​Download form to leave an ornament for someone else to find. Download the form here.

Share By Hiding Your Art In Downtown Meridian

Please do not damage or disturb any nature or private property. If you are hiding your art near a business, check in with them first.

Notes For Ornament Hiders:

  • We'd love to have art out on the town all weekend long. Please share your art on multiple days if you are creating & sharing a lot of art.
  • Post hints to where your art is hidden using our hashtag #MeridanOrnamentDrop